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Wedding Filming - Dallas Wedding Videographers
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Wedding Filming


The most important day of your life should be as spectacular as you ever dreamed. We are here to make it even BETTER.

We are here to help you with many different aspects of your wedding:

  1. Your Vision:

This is very important to us and our whole team. We want your special day to truly be YOUR special day. Even though we may change some technical features of the event, we will stay true to your wishes and make it just as perfect as you had always hoped for.

  1. Technicalities:

To correctly film your wedding, we must have all the kinks worked out. Let us take care of the audio and lighting. This will help take the burden off your back and place it onto ours.

Audio: Every word of your ceremony is vital. From the readings, to the announcement of Mr. and Mrs., every sentence and phrase makes an incredible impact on every moment of your life to come. You want to make sure that you hear every single detail. We will work hard to make the speakers and audio equipment hidden and not obtrusive.

Lighting: Our experts here will take the annoying deal of lighting off of your hands. We will make sure that we have the perfect lighting for our work, and keep your ceremony looking beautiful. All of this is dependent on the venue that you and your significant other have decided on. Our squad is very flexible and versatile. At all times your vision stays our priority.

  1. Filming:

Lastly, our main job is to record your beautiful ceremony. Our expert team of videographers will work with you to film your event perfectly and secretly. Our goal is for you to not even notice that we are there. We understand that this day is very important to you, and we would not want to intrude on your big day. We hope to film every dear moment that comes along.

Dallas Wedding Videography is dedicated to making your wedding hassle free. All of these small details will be worked out by us! This frees up time for you to relax and look forward to one of the best days of your life. The experts here will have everything taken care of and ready to go in time for your wedding. Feel free to ask us any questions about to process of the setup.

Help us help you make your wedding video one to remember for a lifetime.